Get Fit Safely: The Best Low-Impact Exercises

Get Fit Safely: The Best Low-Impact Exercises

Podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon Selin Sakarcan has time and again emphasized the importance of being safe during workouts to lower the chances of sustaining an injury. 

Selin Sakarcan explains that sometimes, the choice of what sport or exercise to do matters, especially for those with leg and foot issues.  For today’s blog, she lists four low impact exercises and sports that are great for almost anyone.

1. Swimming

Swimming, not just the best low impact exercise, but also Selin Sakarcan’s choice for the best overall exercise known to man, is a wonder.  People who swim work all the parts of their bodies, burn tons of calories, boost their cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and promote better blood and oxygen circulation.  The only drawback of swimming is that not everyone lives near a swimming pool.

2. Cycling (Outdoor)

Coming in at number two on the best low impact exercises list is cycling outdoors.  While indoor cycling or spinning is a good exercise, it doesn’t carry some of the great benefits that outdoor cycling offers.  For starters, cycling outdoors is extremely exciting as cyclists get to go places. There’s also the added benefit of fresh air.  Like swimming and all the other exercises on this list, cycling works the entire body without being too hard on the joints.

3. Walking

As far as exercises go, walking is as basic as it gets.  The best thing about walking is that people can do it anywhere – around the block, in a mall, or anywhere else that’s safe. It’s what Selin Sakarcan often recommends to people who want to run but need to go low-impact first.  Walking promotes good oxygen and blood circulation as well and is quite calming for the mind.

4. Golf

There are several important benefits of golf alongside the ones reaped from all the walking people do on a golf course.  For starters, golf teaches and requires people to be in proper posture the entire time, and it helps people become more flexible.  Golf is also good for the mind and does wonders for people’s social and professional lives, as it has become a pastime of many business-minded people.

Do you have any low impact exercises in mind? What’s your favorite?  Feel free to share them with Selin Sakarcan in the comments section below.

Selin Sakarcan is a podiatric physician, medical resident, and foot and ankle surgeon.  For her undergraduate studies, she double majored in French and neuroscience with distinction in cellular and molecular neuroscience.  She is also an athlete and engages in various sports, including tennis, swimming, and golf. Learn more about Selin and her passions by visiting this site.