The Most Important Reminders for Seniors who Still Exercise Regularly

The Most Important Reminders for Seniors who Still Exercise Regularly

A lot of Selin Sakarcan’s patients are seniors with foot and ankle problems.  She mentions that these health issues are normal as people age.  That said, there are ways for seniors to have an easier time when moving about and exercising.

Below, Selin Sakarcan shares some important reminders for seniors who exercise regularly so that they may stay safe and avoid injury.

Put safety above everything else.

There are safety measures for every exercise known to man.  Sometimes, because of enthusiasm and eagerness, people ignore these simple rules.  And while some people who train can get away with it, for seniors, following safety procedures before and during exercise is of utmost importance. 

When younger people get injured, the chances of recovery are still up.  Selin Sakarcan mentions that this is seldom the case for seniors.  For people of advanced age, the bones are not as sturdy as they used to be.  For this reason, safety should be a priority for seniors.

Low-impact exercises are ideal.

There is a huge variety of low impact exercises that provide the same benefits of more robust training.  Low impact exercises are recommended because, as the name suggests, they are easier on the body, on the muscles, bones, joints, and everything else.  Because of their nature, low impact exercises can be managed quite handily, even by seniors.

Selin Sakarcan mentions that there are low-impact exercises that are quite fun and hold the same benefits as many of their high-impact counterparts.  These exercises include swimming, cycling, walking, hiking, playing golf, and even ballroom dancing.

Always have companions present.

Whether it’s a trainer, a loved one, or even friends in the same age group, seniors mustn’t exercise alone.  This is an oft-overlooked area of safety, and it really shouldn’t be.  Selin Sakarcan mentions that even a simple, early morning walk may turn sideways, given the wrong circumstances. 

Seniors should see the presence of companions as more of a safety net and an added aspect of their endeavors, providing fun and conversation as they go through their workouts.

What other important reminders can you think of that seniors should always keep in mind when they exercise?  Feel free to share them with Selin Sakarcan in the comments section below.

Selin Sakarcan is a podiatric physician, medical resident, and foot and ankle surgeon.  For her undergraduate studies, she double majored in French and neuroscience with distinction in cellular and molecular neuroscience. For similar articles, click here.